Window Shutters

Enhancing privacy without compromising on light control, Pristine Shutters create a striking statement in any home.

Window shutters create a neat structure to the window, acting as a firm barrier against unwanted elements. What’s more, they will provide excellent light filtering throughout the summer and help insulate your home during winter.

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Why wait for months when you can get your window shutters fitted quickly and easily with Pristine Blinds & Shutters. Our wait time for shutters is usually as little as just 3 weeks!

Advantages of shutters...

Temperature Control

Shutters can help block out the sunlight helping to regulate the temperature within your home.

Sound Insulation

With thick and durable louvres and materials that absorb noise and frames form a tight seal against your window they will significantly reduce the overall noise levels.

Dust allergy

While curtains harbour dust (and therefore dust mites) and can be difficult to take down and clean properly, shutters are easy to clean in situ with just a quick hoover or wipe down.

Product Longevity

All our shutters come with a 10 year guarantee and you can be assured that with the dateless style your shutters will remain timeless.

Increase Home Value

Pristine Shutters are a permanent fixture in your home and aesthetically can make your property look more pleasing to the eye and more attractive to potential buyers.


With several different opening and closing configurations available, you are able to control the visibility in and out of your property.

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